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Fruit Chaat - Indian fruit salad with simple Chaat masala recipe

Fruit Chaat is a popular and well-known Indian style fruit salad made with fresh fruits and served in a spicy and tangy dressing. This refreshing chaat can be enjoyed as a snack or appetizer. But the fruit salad also makes a great dessert to satisfy an after-dinner sugar craving.

This salad combines two classic flavors, sweet and spicy, for an intense taste experience. If you like that delicate balance, you'll love this recipe.

In India, the term chaat refers to more than just a collection of snacks. Rather, it is a lifestyle and a cuisine category that encompasses almost all flavors, from sweet to sour to spicy and crunchy. Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Matar Chaat, Papdi Chaat are all well-known Indian street foods.

As we all know, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes. Fruits are rich in fiber and an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. They also contain a variety of antioxidants, including flavonoids, which are beneficial to health.

Fruit Chaat is a great way for children and adults alike to ensure their daily fruit intake.

What is Chaat Masala?

Chaat Masala is a special blend of ground spices such as dried Mango powder (Amchoor), black Salt (Kala Namak), roasted Cumin (Bhuna Jeera), Coriander seeds powder(Dhaniya) and Asafoetida (Hing).

It is a versatile spice blend that adds a magical touch to anything it is sprinkled on, due to its tangy and spicy taste.

This spice blend can be sprinkled on salads, savory dishes, raita, all kinds of chaat etc.

Chaat Masala is easily available in Indian grocery shops or you can also buy the blend online.

Some popular brands are MDH, Everest, Catch, Badshah and Shan.


What fruits should be used?

When it comes to preparing a Fruit Chaat, there are no rules. It's better to use seasonal fruits because they are the cheapest, but really any fruit you have on hand will fit.

Choose a mix of sweet, sour and juicy fruits for a rounded taste and texture. Apples, pears, grapes, bananas, pomegranates, oranges, mango and papaya are the most commonly used fruits.

Summer calls for a Fruit Chaat with peaches, plums, kiwis, strawberries, and blueberries ... the possibilities are endless.

What fruits should you avoid in a Fruit Chaat?

There are no rules when it comes to Fruit Chaat, and the best fruit is the fruit you have on hand. Personally, I avoid fruits with a high water content, such as water melons and cantaloupe melons.

Fruits like avocados and figs are not traditionally used in a Fruit Chaat.

What can I use instead of Chaat masala?

Chaat Masala is unique and cannot really be substituted. However, the closest thing in terms of taste would be a mixture of salt, black pepper, red chili and cumin powder. If available, replace regular salt with black salt (Kala Namak). Instead of mango powder (Amchoor), just use some citric acid or tartaric acid.

Can Fruit Chaat be prepared in advance?

I usually just cut most of the fruits in advance and store them in the fridge. Some fruits, such as bananas, apples, or pears, are best cut just before serving. Just before serving, I throw in the spices and lemon juice, mix, and serve.

Can Fruit Chaat be stored?

Freshly prepared Fruit Chaat simply tastes best. If you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the fridge for no more than 24 hours, otherwise they will become soggy and mushy.

What are the Fruit Chaat variations?

The variations can be endless but try to keep it simple, fruit, spices, and lemon juice and that's it.

  • Add pineapple or papaya: Freshly cut pineapple enhances the flavor of the Fruit Chaat. If you can buy papaya, try it, the taste is delicious!

  • Roast/sweet potatoes: Add some roast potatoes along with the fruit. I also like to use sweet potatoes instead of potatoes from time to time, depending on which fruits I use.

  • Chickpeas: The addition of chickpeas (chole) increases the protein content of the dish and makes it a filling meal

How is Fruit Chaat served?

  • Serve your Fruit Chaat in bowls with a few mint leaves on top.

  • Enjoy it chilled! Bring it to your next picnic or serve it at your next barbecue with friends. It's a crowd pleaser without question!

  • A Fruit Chaat is always a delicious appetizer for your guests too.

  • I love to cut the fruit into small pieces so that you can eat the pieces easily and no fruit is overwhelming, and each bite is varied.

Ingredients for 4 Persons

  • 1 Apple

  • 1 Pear

  • 1 Orange

  • 1 Mango

  • 1 small Papaya

  • ½ cup Grapes (seedless variety)

  • ¼ cup Pomegranate seeds

  • ¼ teaspoon Black Salt (Kala Namak)

  • ¼ tsp roasted Cumin powder (Bhuna Jeera)

  • ½ tsp Chaat Masala

  • ¼ tsp freshly crushed Black Pepper

  • 2 tsp Lemon juice

  • 6-8 Mint leaves (Pudina) finely chopped


Cut the Apple, Pear, Orange, Papaya and Mango into bite-sized pieces. Cut the Grapes in half. In a large bowl, add all the fruits.

Now add the black salt, roasted cumin powder, Chaat Masala and black pepper. Drizzle the lemon juice over the top. Adding lemon juice prevents the fruits from turning brown.

Mix carefully without crushing the fruits. Chill for 30 minutes to one hour.

Garnish with mint leaves and serve. Fruit Chaat tastes especially delicious chilled.


  • If you add Bananas to your Fruit Chaat, add them just before serving or they will become mushy.

  • If you use Apples and Pears, cut them just before serving, as they will turn brown due to oxidation if stored for a long time.

  • Adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of Orange juice to the Fruit Chaat takes the flavor to the next level, but you could use any juice you have on hand. Mango juice is another excellent option.

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