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Tips & Tricks

You don't need a huge arsenal of specialized kitchen equipment to make the recipes in this blog. Here are the basics you probably already have or would need.


  • A sharp and good knife to cut tomatoes, onions, and meat or fish if necessary. 

  • A couple of pots and a large pan with a lid. A glass lid is recommended if you want to watch the dish while cooking without letting steam escape. A wok is also essential. 

  • A rolling pin to bake chapatis, parathas, pooris, etc.

  • A large and heavy mortar to pound ginger, chili peppers, garlic and spices.

Useful & Practical

  • A blender or mini food processor and / or electric spice grinder to facilitate common tasks such as chopping vegetables, pureeing chutneys and grinding whole spices. Especially handy for large quantity processing. 

  • A masala dabba (spice box) to keep all your favorite spices fresh and handy. 

  • A grater for garlic and ginger paste.

  • A wooden board helps to roll out round flatbreads like chapatis or parathas.

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