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Chicken, duck and quail are the most commonly eaten poultry meats in India. Quail is particularly important in northeastern India, while duck is usually eaten in southern India, especially in Kerala. 


Chicken is one of India's most popular meats and is an excellent choice for curries and for cooking with subtle, aromatic spice blends. Chicken meat can sometimes be a bit bland. But combining it with spicy ingredients, from almonds, garlic and yogurt to onions, ginger, chilies, cumin and coriander, turns a chicken dish into a true culinary feast.


Indian cooks often choose thighs and drumsticks, which tend to have more flavor, while diced chicken breast is ideal for stir-frys (stir-frying briefly). In Indian cuisine, chicken is very versatile and tastes absolutely delicious whether roasted, braised or grilled on a skewer. To give the dish a real depth of flavor, the meat is often marinated or briefly rubbed with a dry spice blend before cooking.


Because of its texture, chicken goes particularly well with creamy mixes, such as the very popular Chicken Korma or Butter Chicken from North Indian cuisine. It's also great in spicy curries that range from fragrant and mild to fiery hot. In addition, it goes well with a variety of side dishes - regular cooked rice, dals and other lentil dishes, Indian breads and salads - easily adding variety to the family menu.


Here you'll find recipes for every taste, occasion, season and budget.

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