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Fish & Seafood

The waters of the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal around India provide an impressive abundance of delicious fish and seafood, so it's hardly surprising that fish is on the plate every day in the south and west of the country. 


The country also has a vast network of rivers, lakes and streams teeming with fish and seafood that can be prepared quickly and easily. Indian cooks are accustomed to preparing the catch of the day, which looks the most delicious and fresh. However, Pomfret (Sea Bream), a white-fleshed saltwater fish, and Shrimp are especially popular. The dishes are so flexible that it is quite easy to adapt traditional recipes with fish species that are more common in the Western world.


Fish and seafood go well with all kinds of spices, whether in a fragrant mixture with coconut milk, yogurt or lime juice, or even in a sizzling hot chili-onion-tomato sauce. Bengal, my father's home state, is famous for its fish recipes and use of spicy mustard oil for cooking.


Fish is prepared in many different ways. The flavors, cooking techniques and local preparation methods are as varied as the people. The fish can be fried, deep-fried or grilled. It is either served whole, as a fillet, or in strips (often coated with turmeric or other spices). It can also be steamed with mixed vegetables or beans, fried, made into aromatic curries, cooked on skewers, pickled and even served cold.


Seafood dishes are equally varied and delicious, whether prepared as a spicy curry of Tiger Prawns or Goa-style Mussels in a delicate coconut sauce.

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