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I am Sophia, a foodie who loves to share everything I cook with my family and friends.

I come from India, a country where food and culture go hand in hand. Growing up in a small town near Mumbai, I was fortunate enough to have many unique, vibrant, cultural and culinary experiences.

Furthermore, my life has taken me to several other cities where I have lived for a longer period of time. Besides Dubai, Dublin and Zurich, I also ended up in Singapore. Since 2015 I live with my German husband in Munich.


Cooking isn’t just a hobby but my passion


Thanks to the different cultural backgrounds of my parents - a Bengali father, a Tamil-Keralite mother - as well as growing up in the state of Maharashtra, I got to enjoy delicious and diverse food from different parts of India every day.


The cooking of my Grandma Flora, Mama Flory and Papa Stanley enchanted me as a young girl. I learned from them that in addition to a wide variety of tastes, the consistency of the dishes plays a very important role. This determines not only the chosen base of the dish, such as tomatoes, onions, nut, coconut milk or yogurt, but also at what time the spices or other ingredients should be added during cooking.


I've been cooking since I was 10 years old. I'm a real gadget enthusiast and love trying out new kitchen gadgets. I believe that cooking should not only be fun, but also delicious, while still being modern and efficient.

What inspired me to write this blog

For more than 15 years, I have been thousands of miles away from my mother's delicious cooking. The flavors and aromas of her food have left such an impression on me that I have since been able to adapt my dishes to taste like hers. At this point, a special thanks to my mother for her enthusiastic assistance and teaching me her own methods.

Before I knew it, I was spending most of the day in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredients, regional cuisines, and various ways of dressing. I then shared my traditional and easy-to-make recipes with family and friends.


With the creative collaboration of my husband Sven, I started heutemalindisch (which translates as Indian Today in English) with the vision of preserving and sharing my family's recipes and stories. At this point I would also like to thank my parents-in-law Margot and Heinrich, who have actively supported me as good advisors and of course helpful tasters.

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What constitutes the Indian cuisine

What we cook at home has very little to do with what you get served in most Indian restaurants in Western countries. Neither are Indian dishes consistently spicy, nor is cooking cream one of our main ingredients. The different compositions of the various spices create the typical taste that one associates with India. Our traditional Indian home cooking is largely unknown in the western world and therefore I would like to share this cuisine, which I love so much, with you.

An Indian kitchen can be located anywhere in the world - mine is in Munich. Our cuisine is simple, delicious and fresh at the same time and I want to prove to you how simple it really is. For the preparation of the recipes on heutemalindisch, I made sure to use ingredients and spices that are easy to buy, in the supermarket or even in an Asian store. The pictures inserted by me in my recipes should help to show the individual cooking steps and are intended for you as a guide. If there is something special to note, I will of course specifically point out in my recipe description.


Indian cuisine is very tasty, but has the reputation of being time-consuming and complicated due to the large number of ingredients used. With my simple recipes and tips I show you how you can conjure up a delicious dish in about 30 minutes or even less.

I look forward to hearing from zou...

...if you like my blog, my recipes inspire you and your curiosity for Indian cuisine has been piqued. 


Feel free to share your feedback your cooking successes or have a suggestion for even improvement. I am happy witht any feedback. Whether via the comment function on the recipes, email, Facebook or Instagram (tag me with #heutemalindisch and @heutemalindisch, so that your cooking accomplishments / success can also inspire others).

Have fun and success on your journey into my daily Indian indulgence landscape with simple and healthy recipes. 


From my kitchen to you.

Deine Sophia

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